Hello! I'm Lisa Engler, an independent illustrator and designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I create brands, products, and experiences β€” often with wit and always with heart.

After growing up in small town Iowa, I moved to California upon graduation in search of a plan and a tan and a man. (One out of three ain’t bad!) I’ve spent the six years since working within studios, tech companies, and independently β€” striving for solutions that make sense and visuals that make people happy.

A coworker once described me as β€œgiving a shit while not giving a shit,” which I like to think means I pour my heart into things that matter and don't sweat the small stuff. Another coworker once described me as β€œcool,” which I like to insert into casual conversation as often as possible.

I love bad jokes, good pizza, old signs, new friends, talking to my dog, and talking about my dog. I spend most of my free time waiting in line for the bathroom because I am a woman.


Illustration, visual design, branding, iconography


Contract Senior Brand Designer, Opendoor β€’ 2018
Contract Illustrator, PlanGrid β€’ 2017

Visual Designer + Illustrator, Lumosity β€’ 2014–17
Branding Designer, Hatch Design β€’ 2012–14


Things for kids! Murals! A book!

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