What is internet?

November 17, 2023
2 min read

Hey there! Welcome to version four of Lisa Starts a Blog.

Blog one was a LiveJournal that I lovingly maintained during my high school years, documenting big life events such as getting dumped by my first boyfriend over AOL Instant Messenger and getting dumped by my second boyfriend over AOL Instant Messenger. Throughout college and my early twenties, blog two was an art-focused Tumblr that ended up chronicling the initial spark and journey towards my dream of becoming a ✳︎professional illustrator✳︎. By the time I'd slowly phased out of posting to it, I was one! Hell yeah!

Blog three was a grand one-post foray into the world of Substack-esque newsletters, where I quickly realized that I didn't like the pressure of needing to write something "worthy" enough of notifying subscribers.

So, here I am again: v4. This time, it’s on a small self-hosted corner of the web that people probably won't see unless they're specifically looking for me. If you’re here, I’m glad you are!


Lately, I’ve been feeling so dang anxious from literally any social media activity that I can’t imagine continuing to hitch my career prospects to it. But I’ve also been struggling to picture a fulfilling, happy, exciting future for my career where I can succeed and thrive without it. I feel like I’m at a fork in the road where I need to either choose my mental health at the expense of my dreams or choose my dreams at the expense of my mental health.

Lacking a long-term direction for my career is a new and unusual feeling for me. It's distressing! But maybe a little exciting? My hope is to explore some of those super chill, no-biggie feelings here.

You’ll also be the first to know if my partner dumps me via ChatGPT.