Case Study: Lumosity Workout Modes

Join me through the journey of launching this new cross-platform feature — spanning branding, a dashboard redesign, illustration, and a marketing campaign

About Lumosity

Lumosity is a mobile and web brain training program with over 85 million users around the world, designed and built to help people feel more confident in their cognitive abilities.

I worked at Lumosity full-time for three years as a Visual Designer and Illustrator, working closely with both the Product Design and Marketing teams. My work there included end-to-end product design, continuously evolving and expanding our illustration and icon systems, leading design on several marketing campaigns, and driving a number of brand and design system projects.

About the Project

Workout Modes was designed to offer more autonomy and personalization for Lumosity subscribers. Subscribers could now choose from a number of workouts each day: their favorite games, our quickest games, or an entirely math-themed workout, to name a few.

When I began work on Workout Modes, the feature had already launched a successful v1 with promising numbers. Our task was to evolve the previous team’s MVP into a final design — gearing up for a multi-channel marketing campaign announcing the official launch of the feature.

I designed the final dashboard UI across three platforms, branded each workout mode, and designed and illustrated all materials for the marketing launch campaign. My team included a UX designer, product manager, motion designer, and point-of-contact engineers on each platform.

Branding the Workout Modes

I developed a set of icons and designated colors to brand each workout mode, aiming for immediately understandable modes that users would recognize at a glance. Additionally, it was important for each mode to feel exciting and for none of the workouts to seem inherently better than the others.

Evolving the UI

From user testing and looking at the metrics from the MVP, we knew that users liked the variety of new workout options — but they ultimately trusted our expertise and wanted guidance. Our solution was a UI that showed all of the modes on a single screen, while highlighting our recommendation for the day.

Creating the Launch Campaign

The cool thing about Workout Modes was that daily workouts could now reflect a person’s day: how they’re feeling, where they are, how busy they are, and so on. We brought this to life in the marketing campaign, in which I illustrated a series of environments that reflected each mode and where someone might be when they choose it. This modular illustration template would also make it easy to create new artwork for any new modes that might be released in the future.

Workout Modes and the new cross-platform dashboard has been a success for Lumosity, and the feature has since been expanded to include new modes after its initial launch.

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